Saturday, January 19, 2013


Marcia came over today to work on the prototype for her son's wedding invitation, and to make some Valentine cards.  She used the Martha Stewart heart punch that can be positioned anywhere on the paper.
The cards turned out great.  Now she is ready to send these to all her sweethearts.

I spent most of my time trying to make a card I saw on Pinterest.  I printed out the pattern but it didn't work even with two great minds working on it.   Marcia measured and remeasured the cuts and folds and it was not coming together.   It was so frustrating to make that when I transferred the photos to my computer I named the folder FRUSTRATING CARD.  I can tell you this, I will not be making it again.  After all the pain I just have to post the dang card.  I think I will be deleting this pin from my board.

Marcia and I had a nice lunch and even did a little shopping at Willow Tree.   She bought earrings and I got the cutest decorative bird's nest with three little blue eggs inside.  


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