Monday, January 14, 2013

Celebrating Christmas 2012

I know this post is a little late but as everyone knows the holidays are busy.  But that is not my only excuse, I have been waiting for better pictures than the ones I have and now have given up on the waiting.  So here we go...

Jerome and Barry were fabulous hosts for our get together. Their house was decorated to the max with a  tree in every room, including an upside down tree in the bedroom and a Disney tree.  Fabulous!.


We all kept going back to the Disney tree to look at the ornaments.  Every character you can think of was there.   I couldn't tell you my favorite, I loved them all. Can you tell that Barry loves all things Disney?

As we walked around the house we noticed these elaborate hat like decorations and asked Barry about them.  Well,  it turned out they were hats and Barry modeled a couple of them for us.  Every Christmas  season Barry and Jerome get together with a group of friends and make a hat based on a chosen theme.  They take the train up to Leavenworth for the tree lighting and wear their hats the whole time.  These guys know how to have fun and be creative doing it. 

We all brought food, a MUST at all our get together, and after satisfying our taste buds, we began our Christmas project - THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS.    Barry asked everyone to choose a day from the song and assemble a kit with the materials needed for each Inky Finger to make a 3X3 card based on the chosen day's song lyric, for instance, I had 3 French Hens, Caryl had 5 Golden Rings, etc .  We each had one card already made as the sample and then passed our  kits to be completed by each person.  As we went around the table showing our sample card we sang The Twelve Days of Christmas. It was so much fun and such a great idea. We brought home a little bit of each other in the creative design of each individual card. 

Some Inky Fingers had plans to make a banner with the cards, others decorations for a paper craft tree.  I bought an embroidery hoop and small clothespins, painted them, pinned the cards, and displayed them on my wall.  

Our love to Sabine, who is currently in Germany, and thank you for participating in our TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS project.  Sabine mailed her already made cards to Barry, her theme is 11 drummers drumming.  We miss you Sabine!

 The previous post has the group picture taken on the day of our Christmas celebration.  We had a great time and thank you to Barry and Jerome for sharing their beautifully decorated home.  We all went home full of  the Christmas Spirit.

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