Friday, November 9, 2012


Oh lucky me my wish came true and I got an exchange card from Inky Finger pal Barry!  I love it.  Barry, I vote we exchange cards for every holiday even if we are not assigned to do so (hint, hint).  It is so much fun to get a card in the mail and now I signed up for the Secret Santa.  I get an email from the organizer with a name and address, send a minimum of one "gift" to that person it can be cards, embellishments whatever and of course I get something from my Secret Santa.  I am really enjoying this exchange business so thank you Barry for sharing the site with me.  If you are interested check it

Update, this site is closed...I am so bummed! 1/2/2013

Barry's so very cute card.

I received two adorable cards from Teresa in Tennessee and Judi in Mt. Vernon WA

Oh and I finally found a setting on my camera that takes a sharp, clear photo of the cards.  Never mind that I've had the camera for years we won't go there.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Here we are in a season full of holidays and even though the stores are already displaying Christmas  I am not ready to make Christmas cards.  This month I am doing the Thanksgiving card exchange and mine are ready to go out.  For these cards I created the background paper by sweeping three different stamp ink colors across a piece of wax paper, spraying it with water and placing my card stock on top.  I dried the card stock with the embossing gun.  I like the variety of colors and patterns I got with this technique.