Tuesday, April 9, 2013

THE KING...no, not Elvis

Just had to post this great photo of Christine's cat Felipe.


bring May flowers.  These are April's beautiful daffodils.

Heavy showers started our day on Sunday but that didn't stop the Inky Fingers from their appointed rendezvous at my place.
I should start with why I have no pictures of the get together.  My birthday was on Monday April 1st and  Easter was the Sunday before.  Plans for an Easter brunch and birthday celebration on Easter Sunday had to be cancelled due to the Fieldings, except for Quentin, spending the day attached to a "barf bucket".  So last Sunday was the follow up to Easter and birthday.  With umbrella in hand Christine and I searched for the Easter eggs the kids hid and after a great brunch, Cory made Mormon Funeral Balls  from a Sunset magazine recipe, I opened presents.  A new camera was one of the presents.
Jump now to the Inky Fingers get together and all the pictures I took with my new camera of the fabulous cards everyone made.  After most of the friends had left I ran into a little problem with the camera, it was not letting me take a photo, so after messing around with the settings it worked again.  Little did I know that whatever setting it was on before had erased all the photos.  So there is the story of why you only get to see my cards and one from Christine and Caryl.
So on we go with the photos.  Using punches we made several cards.  This is the never ending card and everyone made their own owl to match their theme.  Jerome made an owl holding a baseball bat and ball, sorry no photo available.  Here is my sample.

I had kits already cut for everyone to choose their card and make the owl.  I have a picture of Christine's card because I took a picture after solving the camera issue.

I also have one of Caryl's cards.

Punches was the theme so making  a dog and fish were the other cards.

I have two boards on Pinterest full of punch art ideas and I had a blast making these cards.

This one I made for my granddaughter Cooper who turns 9 today April 6th.  Happy Birthday to my little Aries girl.

A little store bought Washi tape on this card.

A little Easter

This is a card Marcia sent me for Easter. She is really enjoying making  Washi Tape from paper napkins.  I love the use of the tape on the egg.  Thank you Marcia.