Thursday, December 26, 2013


I have a friend who really appreciates getting a box of homemade birthday cards for the holidays.  So I got to work rediscovering stamps I hadn't used for a long time, using washi tape, and coming up with ideas.  I even made a few cards to keep.  Once I got in the swing of it the time flew by and I relaxed letting my mind drift from the routines of the day instead tapping into the creative.   I had forgotten how much fun stamping can be.

Monday, December 16, 2013


The little Christmas mice are ready to meet the ladies of the Book Club on Wednesday.


Saturday, August 24, 2013


Marcia brought her new SU pumpkin stamp, washi tape, patterns and ideas for a delightful day of Halloween card making.

 Like how Marcia used washi tape on these two cards.

 The braided cut work on this card was very easy to do using the pattern that Marcia brought.
These are Marcia's cards, she was cranking them out!

On my card I used the braided pattern too but added ribbon.

I embossed the web pattern and once again did the braiding inserting a contrasting color behind it.

Thanks Marcia for coming out to stamp.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Last Sunday Barry and Jerome hosted an Inky Fingers' craft afternoon.   I unfortunately missed it
however, Christine and Dawn sent me pictures of the whimsical cards they made.  ADORABLE!

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Marcia made 75 wedding invitations for her son's upcoming nuptials in Hawaii -a beautiful labor of love.

Congratulations to Angela, Thomas and their families.

Sunday, June 9, 2013


In the process of  straightening the craft room and taking a break from reading I found previously stamped dominoes and added color using the alcohol inks.

A quick satisfying creative break.

Saturday, May 11, 2013


Every girl should have a fancy Spring hat.

  With lots of beautiful flowers, ribbons, "bling", hat pins and a variety of hats we celebrated Spring decorating hats at Dawn's house on Friday evening.   Even the boys...

  In my opinion one has to have the right face for hats- Britany and Caryl do.

 Dawn's hat

Monique's hat

Cary's hat

Caryl's hat

Thank you Dawn for a fun evening.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

THE, not Elvis

Just had to post this great photo of Christine's cat Felipe.


bring May flowers.  These are April's beautiful daffodils.

Heavy showers started our day on Sunday but that didn't stop the Inky Fingers from their appointed rendezvous at my place.
I should start with why I have no pictures of the get together.  My birthday was on Monday April 1st and  Easter was the Sunday before.  Plans for an Easter brunch and birthday celebration on Easter Sunday had to be cancelled due to the Fieldings, except for Quentin, spending the day attached to a "barf bucket".  So last Sunday was the follow up to Easter and birthday.  With umbrella in hand Christine and I searched for the Easter eggs the kids hid and after a great brunch, Cory made Mormon Funeral Balls  from a Sunset magazine recipe, I opened presents.  A new camera was one of the presents.
Jump now to the Inky Fingers get together and all the pictures I took with my new camera of the fabulous cards everyone made.  After most of the friends had left I ran into a little problem with the camera, it was not letting me take a photo, so after messing around with the settings it worked again.  Little did I know that whatever setting it was on before had erased all the photos.  So there is the story of why you only get to see my cards and one from Christine and Caryl.
So on we go with the photos.  Using punches we made several cards.  This is the never ending card and everyone made their own owl to match their theme.  Jerome made an owl holding a baseball bat and ball, sorry no photo available.  Here is my sample.

I had kits already cut for everyone to choose their card and make the owl.  I have a picture of Christine's card because I took a picture after solving the camera issue.

I also have one of Caryl's cards.

Punches was the theme so making  a dog and fish were the other cards.

I have two boards on Pinterest full of punch art ideas and I had a blast making these cards.

This one I made for my granddaughter Cooper who turns 9 today April 6th.  Happy Birthday to my little Aries girl.

A little store bought Washi tape on this card.

A little Easter

This is a card Marcia sent me for Easter. She is really enjoying making  Washi Tape from paper napkins.  I love the use of the tape on the egg.  Thank you Marcia.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Washi tape originated in Japan and you can now find versions of it everywhere.  Even though the tape may not be made in Japan the name is still used.  Art n Soul in Olympia offered a class in making washi tape this past Saturday.  Marcia and I signed up a month ago and yesterday we took part in the 3 hour class.  I have to say that the instructors where very, very organized.  As the following picture shows we used Scor-Tape in a 1/2" width, the tape comes in various widths.

We began by laying out pieces of the tape on wax paper and applying color to them.  Archival, Brilliance or Chalk inks seem to dry the best on the tape.  We set these out to dry and in the meantime we made other cards using commercially made washi tape.

For this card we crisscrossed different tapes and stamped an image on top.  Tip:  keep small scraps from your projects by putting them on an acetate sheet.

Various patterns of the tape on a rectangular piece of cardstock which we ran through the embossing and cutting machine using the kimono die cut.

Napkins, YES! Napkins.  We had a three ply napkin, separated the layers leaving just the layer with the image.  Choosing the images we wanted to use, we turned the napkin over and glued our tape to the back.  After cutting around the tape edges, we had a strip of tape with the chosen image on one side.  We peeled the back of the tape and attached it to the card.  

This card speaks for itself....beautiful.

Finally our washi tape was dry we stamped our images on it and applied it to our card.

This is the bonus card we didn't have time to make but they gave us the napkin we need to make the washi tape and complete the card.

A Washi tape class for the Inky Fingers in the future?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Dawn hosted our Inky Fingers Tea Party this past Sunday.  She had a lovely silver tea set and a variety of teas.  The guests brought scones, home made jams, cookies, little tea sandwiches and other treats.

There we all were with our tea, little pinkies up in the air, pretending this was Downton Abbey but much noisier and without the servants. 
When time came to begin our projects, Angela first showed us how to make the calendar we had seen on her blog.  Dawn had done all the work of scoring and printing the calendar pages.  Thank You!

Dawn had an adorable birthday car for us to make as well as 3 other beautiful Asian inspired  cards.

Being at Dawn's was like being at Michael's, she had so many supplies to choose from, and all you had to do was ask for something and you can bet she had it somewhere.  Thank you Dawn for hosting and sharing your creative ideas with us.