Friday, August 24, 2012

Bookmarks from Pinterest

In case you missed it...Pinterest is like having a bulletin board on your computer, this social sharing site allows users to share images of recipes, crafts and other interests.  Linking the users to other sites showing the recipe, the craft tutorial, the resource for whatever interest you.  You can "pin" a new image or "repin" one you found on the site.

The bookmarks I just made I found on Pinterest along with the site that has the instructions.  Here is the link but in case it doesn't work I will post the instructions and photos following the link.  It worked for me when I tried it.

Anyway here is what you will find on the site.

  • Start with a 6x6 square of cardstock
  • Fold into a triangle
  • Fold the left corner to the center point
  • Fold the right corner to the center point
  • Open up the triangle again and fold one flap of the center point to the bottom
  • Re-fold the left corner toward the center point and tuck into the "pocket"
  • Re-fold the right corner toward the center point and tuck into the "pocket"
  • Cut a contrasting square slightly smaller than the 3x3 pocket
  • Glue to inside of pocket
  • Cut embellishments - teeth, nose, tongue, etc.  Glue inside of fold
  • Slide into the page corner of your favorite book.
  • Fun and EASY!