Sunday, September 23, 2012

Shake, shake, shake....shake, shake, shake

Oh yeah, Marcia and I were shaking it all over the place today, cards that is.  Took a class at Art N Soul where we made 4 shaker cards.  Now the trick to these cards is to keep the darn micro beads inside the card...tape, tape, tape.  We were  8 crafty ladies all talking at the same time, asking questions and having so much fun that we went over the class time.  All of this commotion prompted Suzanne, our instructor, to thank her lucky stars she doesn't have 8 kids.   Suzanne started us off with an easy little card.

Using alcohol inks on glossy paper we colored the background of this card.

 Moving right along... keeping the micro beads to stay inside each panel on this card proved a little tough. One lady ended up with all the beads seeping out and sticking to the foam tape.  We all learned that if the foam tape and background paper is not sealed the beads just magically disappear reason why the top left square looks a little empty on my card.

Then came the RAINMAN !!!.  I said before how much I like this stamp and using it on a shaker card it's fabulous.  Again we used glossy paper and after stamping the image we sprayed it with water, every card turned out different.  Figuring out the amount of micro beads to use can be tricky too, my rainman was standing in a flood until I carefully took out some beads. The close up photo of the umbrella from the Art N Soul blog clearly shows the shaker bead effect as they roll off the umbrella.


As usual Marcia and I walked away wishing for more and planning to return for other classes.  Lunch at the Thai Restaurant next door was yummy we even had a cup of Coconut ice cream for dessert.


Marcia is in a Halloween kind of mood.   During one of those moments when only retail therapy shopping will do she visited Michael's and found a wooden pumpkin cut out and, carried along by the Halloween mood, decorated it in a most adorable fashion.  I love it!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012


We are having a long dry Summer here in the Northwest and I haven't seen my umbrella in months.  I know the rains will return so an umbrella search will take place very shortly but in the meantime I found my umbrella die cut and made a few cards.

To make the cards I used the following items:

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Taking a sanity break from a hard day's work Marcia took a little blog trip and found a cute pumpkin idea which she sent me.  This little pumpkin is made using a very small terracotta pot, decorative paper strips cut  4 inches x 1/2 inch, this will vary depending on the size of the pot.  Attach  the paper strips to the bottom and top (inside) of pot with a glue dot, I put leaves on mine and Hershey kisses.  How cute would several of these look decorating a table?