Monday, July 20, 2009

Sick Time Thank You Cards & a Completed, Long Overdue Halloween Project

This is the cover of the Exploding Scrapbook...that is an actual photo of the pumpkins we carved, all lit-up!!!

So, being that I am home sick for the next few days I have taken to crafting - yay! I have completed two thank you cards (one for my co-worker Hye and the other for my boss, Donna) and also managed to finally finish the exploding scrapbook I started for Halloween 2008...quite an accomplishment, and only 9 months late. Here are the pictures:

This is the card for Hye...Caryl loaned me the Close To My Heart Stamp Set "Be Yourself". I chose the funky, go-go boot wearing girl for Hye's card as it goes with her personality. Young and fun!

This is the card for my boss, Donna. I chose the more sophisticated "party girl" image for her card - and the shoe definitely fits!

This is the inside (left) of the exploding scrapbook - it documents our visit to the corn maze and pumpkin patch, and then later in the day when we carved the pumpkins and proudly displayed them.

Here is the inside (right) side of the exploding scrapbook.

Included this because I love the look on Beckett's face, and the expression on Felipe's (the cat's) face!!!

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