Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bachelorette Party Invite

My co-worker Mechelle is the Maid of Honor in her friend Heidi's wedding and the Bachelorette Party is a camping trip that a group of them are taking in August. Mechelle wanted to make some cute, camping-themed invitations for the trip, so she came over and we transformed my dining room table into "Bachelorette Invite Central" (see photo above). It was a lot of work (turns out she is an over-achiever, too!) and lots of creative fun. As you can see, the invitations are super-elaborate and very adorable. So many personal touches were included, I will note some below with the pictures. Hopefully you can click on the image to see a larger version of it, but I've had a problem posting photos lately, so keeping my fingers crossed:

The champagne bottle (which we MADE, complete with tin foil topper) has a "couple's name" made up of Heidi and her fiance's last names along with the date of their wedding.

The shooting star above says, "...and then the heavens smiled..." in honor of Heidi and her fiance's Moms who have both passed away.

Internal shot of the complete camping scene. We had to cut out and color everything except for the fire, skillet and marshmallow stick. Note the couple's initials "stitched" on the tent.

The open invitation with pull-out extended...

A close-up of the camping scene - love the sleeping bag and plaid blanket!

The pull-out, with postcard-style instructions that Mechelle printed on the computer. Notice that the camper has little cans trailing behind, like a "Just Married" vehicle.

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