Thursday, July 23, 2009

Inky Fingers on the GO

Our first "Scrap Shop Hop" on July 11th took us to three local stores. Dawn, Monique, Caryl and Cari piled into Dawn's car and enthusiastically headed out-first to Toadilly Scrappin' in Gig Harbor. A first visit for Dawn and Monique and they loved it!!!. This store has a great selection of decorative papers and embellishments, the staff is very friendly(in fact, the owner even took our picture and entrusted us to watch her store while she visited the restroom!) and their scrap page samples are beautiful! We took LOTS of pictures and basically spent our wad of cash there.

Our next stop was Artco on 6th Ave in Tacoma, and after Toadilly Scrapin', this was no big deal. Of course, by then we were hungry too, so we were not quick to impress regardless.

So off to South Hill and Red Robin where we had nice sit-down lunch filled with chatting, giggling, reviews of the previous stores we had visited, and some yummy food. The last stop on the tour was Scrap'n Book. While we were impressed with their selection (still not as good as Toadilly though!)the prices are higher and the store is not as nicely laid out. Can you guess which store we prefer?

It was a full and fun day and we are looking forward to having ALL the Inky Fingers join us for our next "Scrap Shop Hop" when we venture forth to the scrappin' territory to the north.

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  1. It sounds like you guys had a great time! I love those kind of days and I have one planned for Monday with my BFF and fellow card-maker, Katy. This time we are going to visit new stores in Clarkston and White Lake, and then on to Archiver's in Sterling Heights, MI. We are also meeting my sis, Joann, for lunch in Grosse Pointe . I can hardly wait!