Sunday, October 14, 2012


 The event the Inky Fingers were looking forward to finally arrived last Sunday when we met at Christine's house.  Everyone brought a Halloween project to make and lots of embellishments and ideas.  There were plenty of creative ideas to see in the festive Halloween decor.   Christine had three banners, sorry I didn't take pictures of them, and even the food displays fit the occasion.

At each setting we found a Halloween decorated candle tin, an adorable bag of candy corn and a "witchy" treat.

After partaking of all the delicious food, the Inky Fingers began to create.  Barry, Jerome, Christine and Caryl were working on identical frames.  But oh boy did they look different when finished!

 Notice the total concentration on Caryl's face.  Serious business happening there.

As the table got messier and messier the projects started to take form.

I want to post the frames Caryl, Barry, Jerome and Christine made all together and I am waiting for some pictures so this is TO BE CONTINUED....

Here are a couple of  finished projects.

Marcia's freaky frame.  

Cary (me) decorated a box and a small scrapbook that fits inside.

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