Sunday, March 10, 2013


Washi tape originated in Japan and you can now find versions of it everywhere.  Even though the tape may not be made in Japan the name is still used.  Art n Soul in Olympia offered a class in making washi tape this past Saturday.  Marcia and I signed up a month ago and yesterday we took part in the 3 hour class.  I have to say that the instructors where very, very organized.  As the following picture shows we used Scor-Tape in a 1/2" width, the tape comes in various widths.

We began by laying out pieces of the tape on wax paper and applying color to them.  Archival, Brilliance or Chalk inks seem to dry the best on the tape.  We set these out to dry and in the meantime we made other cards using commercially made washi tape.

For this card we crisscrossed different tapes and stamped an image on top.  Tip:  keep small scraps from your projects by putting them on an acetate sheet.

Various patterns of the tape on a rectangular piece of cardstock which we ran through the embossing and cutting machine using the kimono die cut.

Napkins, YES! Napkins.  We had a three ply napkin, separated the layers leaving just the layer with the image.  Choosing the images we wanted to use, we turned the napkin over and glued our tape to the back.  After cutting around the tape edges, we had a strip of tape with the chosen image on one side.  We peeled the back of the tape and attached it to the card.  

This card speaks for itself....beautiful.

Finally our washi tape was dry we stamped our images on it and applied it to our card.

This is the bonus card we didn't have time to make but they gave us the napkin we need to make the washi tape and complete the card.

A Washi tape class for the Inky Fingers in the future?

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