Sunday, January 29, 2012


Those snow days may have been a pain in the neck to deal with but for Caryl  they were a chance to craft.  She made a beautiful perpetual calendar for Christine's birthday.  I've asked Christine to post a picture of it.  And yesterday she gave me an early birthday gift (April is my birthday) and here it is....

 The supplies came from Artco with the exception of the stand.  The calendar grid is an overlay with a 12x12 decorative paper that Cooper chose for me (love it) and I can change it for each month if I want.  A metalic sheet stands in the back and all the items on the calendar have a magnet.  Caryl made the number beads and I can personalize special days with the bottle caps she made; birthdays, holidays and other special occasions.  I absolutely love it!   Thank you Caryl

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