Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day toilet paper roll mini scrapbook

This is the toilet paper roll mini scrapbook album that I made for my mom for Mother's Day. I used 3 empty toilet paper rolls and scraps of paper and embellishments left over from my scrapbook club. I made this in less than an hour and a half last night-just a last minute thought to make it. The thing that took the longest was cleaning off and covering the dang rolls!! Luckily though, it goes together quick cuz you CAN'T add tons of embellishments or the book won't close! I saved time and money by converting all the photos to black and white and making them into a photo collage on This way I got lots of little sizes-perfect for fitting more than one on each page if I wanted. My only problem....I didn't have rings quite large enough and didn't want to go back out last night. My mom says that she will switch these out though so the book will close better. A very fun, fast project!


  1. This is are a crafting maniac! I like the idea of the b&w photo collage from Walgreens so you could get the small pics to use...awesome!

  2. LOVE this idea Carol! And thanks for posting all of these!